Vishal Gaur, Ahmednagar

I have good result in piles, good p-free.

Souvik kr, burdhwan

10 mm stone but remove only 7 mm in 10 days, 3mm availble.

Javed Javed, ballia

i got product 2 days late but the service team followup is wonderful, thanks miss nidhi for support.

Shekhar Singh, ludhiana

Found exactly as described.

Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, Jharkhand

Every product of this company is good, i prefer to give my patient this medicine.

Rajiv Goyal, Mumbai

I used it in 2004 and there after now in 2019. It is really working medicine.

Ravi Chandra, Bhopal

Extremely recommended for all kidney stones patients. It really works.

Sameer Malhotra, Punjab

I had a stone in kidney pipe of 5 mm , i used Fabilizer and it remove in 6 days.
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