Fabilizer Combo

Are you suffering from kidney stone pain!!
Do you have pain on one side of your back?
Do not panic with this, we have permanent solution Fabilizer

Fabilizer is a pure ayurvedic medicine. It remove kidney stone with 100 % guaranteed results. Fabilizer treats all types of problems related to urine like- urinary treats injections, kidney stone, several pains etc.

Unique features of fabilizer

  • Remove kidney stone in 20 days upto 16mm.
  • No need of operation for any size of kidney Stone.
  • Give relief from several pain.
  • Provide relief from infection in few minutes.
  • 100% guaranteed results in 20 days.
  • Maintain PH level in human body.


  • Firstly, fabilizer stops the super saturation of salts in urinary system that prevent stone to grow in size and stop the formulation of new stone.
  • When someone start taking this medicine, this medicine start dissolving the upper layer of stone continuously.
  • In few days, by this medicine stone size will become half in size. Day by day it completely dissolve the stone and flush out of the body by urine.
  • If someone had ever gone through the laser operation or any other operation for kidney stone, this medicine improve the strength of bladder.
  • Fabilizer reduces the residual urine due to which no further stones are made in kidney or bladder.

How to use fabilizer

2 capsules early in the morning (empty stomach) with lime water.
10 ml syrup before 30 minutes of lunch.
10 ml syrup before 30 minutes of dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is fabilizer has side effect or not?
No sir, there is no side effect of using fabilizer combo pack (capsule & syrup) because it is a pure ayurvedic medicine which has extremely effective ingredients.
2How to use fabilizer combo pack?
Fabilizer is a combo of capsule & syrup. It is used by simply 2 capsules should be taken before eating anything in morning with lime water. Then syrup should be taken a spoon / 10ml before taking lunch and also a spoon/10ml before taking dinner. Drink 5-6 liter water as daily.
3In how much time this medicine give results?
Fabilizer Combo Pack (cupule or syrup) will take less than 20 days to flush out or dissolving kidney stone properly.
1What is the price of Fabilizer?
Fabilizer combo pack (capsule and syrup) is a course of 20 days medicine pack which is approx. 990/- including courier charges, which is available at cash on delivery (COD) also.
2Is Fabilizer a permanent solution?
Fabilizer is a permanent solution for kidney stone, because it is a pure ayurvedic medicine. It remove all the infection from kidney & bladders that’s why no further stone formed. This is also a medicine for kidney purification.

गुर्दे में चार प्रकार की पत्थरी पाई जाती है।

Fabilizer चारों प्रकार की पत्थरी को निकालने में कारगर है।

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